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Enjoy a day of self care, pampering and healing
for the mind, body and soul.


Get ready for a day of transformation as you embrace the change!

Empowerment is all about understanding. By understanding your body better, you are more equipped to handle the ebbs and flows of being a woman with confidence and courage.

  • Nutrition secrets for hormonal health
  • Understand how to eat, move and sleep better
  • Love your body through the seasons of change
  • Movement, meditation practice and breath work
  • Real life experiences from women who know
  • Be empowered by knowledge

A day of health, healing and transformation
that will support you for life.


Katie Crane is an expert in exercise for women. She will teach you how, why and when to move. Learn good movement practice for every stage of life.


Wholesome, organic, hormonal balancing foods provided throughout the day to keep you nourished and satiated


Manage stress, relax, sleep better and improve your relationships with simple meditation techniques that you can practice daily. This ancient self healing technique is backed by science and has immediate benefits to your nervous system which promotes better health


Enjoy infrared sauna, ice bath, mineral plunge pool and foot soak to soothe your body makes this the ultimate retreat experience.


Make better food choices and boost your own body’s ability to self regulate. Understand how food doesn’t have to be complicated but it does need to be consumed intentionally for women to look and feel amazing.


Get away from the everyday and enjoy a picturesque ferry ride across the bay from Cullen Bay and be transported from Mandorah jetty to our day retreat location.



I believe that every stage of life should be celebrated and that women who understand their body, love their body more.

I teach women how to throw away their restricting beliefs about themselves and step into their intuitive, empowered being.

Simply put, I believe in giving you the tools to live happily and healthily ever after.

“Katie’s knowledge of the body and her passion
to help women is inspiring.”

Maggi C

Movement, Meditation & Breath Work

 A day of holistic body practice with a focus on women’s health from a Pilates perspective, meditation to calm the mind and breath work for optimal health.

Experience the power of mindful movement and learn how movement affects change.

Nourishing Food and Healthy Choices

Learn the relationship between your gut and hormonal health and what you can do to support the changes in your gut biome through menopause.

This hands on experience in the kitchen shows you how to take control of your gut health and how good food tastes when done right.

Detoxify & Heal

Understand what toxins are, how they affect women and how you can rid your body of them now.

Step into our infrared sauna and ice bath for the ultimate detoxifying, immune boosting experience and relax in our mineral infused pool for its healing benefits.


I am really excited to be launching this particular retreat. Women’s health is my passion and being able to spend the day together will be an amazing experience that will leave each participant with valuable tools to move forward with confidence PLUS the whole day is going to be packed full of pampering and healing!

Full Day Retreat: 9 am – 5 pm
Maximum of 10 people, fully catered
Transfers from Darwin and return included
All inclusive: $465 per person


Book your Day Retreat now!


The Sanctuary By The Sea Day Retreat is all about women’s mental, emotional and physical health with a focus on self care. The day is designed to give every woman the time and focus she deserves.

Times:  9 am – 5 pm

Transport: Tickets are included for the 9 am ferry to Mandorah and the 5:20 pm ferry back to Darwin. You will be collected from Mandorah Jetty in the morning and dropped off in time for the return ferry.

Small Group Attention:  The Sanctuary By The Sea Day Retreat accommodates a maximum of 10 women. We restrict the group number as we always want to focus on the individual to be able to cater to each person’s needs on the day.

Activities:  The timetable will allow for each participant to enjoy all of the optional treatments and pampering. These include the sauna, ice bath, mineral plunge pool & foot soak. You can opt in or out of treatments on the day.

Workshops:  In the middle of the day when all participants are at the retreat together (between 12 – 3 pm), Katie Crane from Encore Pilates Darwin will be hosting workshops on a series of topics including Pilates, Meditation and discussions/workshops on hormone health and women’s nutrition.

Refreshments:  The Day Retreat is fully catered. Nourishing platters feature delicious local organic produce, tea, coffee & filtered water are served throughout the day

You need to bring:  
– bathers
– active wear
– comfortable clothing
– sarong or towel
– sunhat

The Sanctuary By The Sea Day Retreat accommodates a maximum of 10 women.

We restrict the number in each group to 10 people so we can focus on the individual and cater to each person’s needs on the day.

You will make their your own way to catch the 9 am ferry from Darwin over to Mandorah. Ticket cost is included in the fee.

Please arrive at 8:45am to ensure you find a park and get there in time to board the ferry.

“Retreaters” will be collected from Mandorah Jetty and transported to the most amazing day of restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation at our sister location, Sanctuary By The Sea.

We will drop you back at the Mandorah Jetty to catch the 5:20 pm ferry back to Darwin.

Booking Contact Person:  One person needs to be nominated as the Booking Contact Person. We will name the booking after the contact person (eg Jayne’s Group for 29 October 2023)

We will send all communications to this person in addition to individual booking confirmations.

Booking and Paying Separately: Members of the group may book and pay separately. They just need to nominate the Date and Group Name in the booking form.

Of course, just list the Retreaters’ names and nominate the Date and Group Name in the booking form.

Yes, they can book and pay separately.

They just need to nominate the Date and Group Name in the booking form.

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