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Treat yourself to a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling completely at ease. ~ Using natural, organic body oil to nourish your skin and soothe your muscles. ~ Choose from a blend of essential oils to set the mood, or tend to aches and pains.



Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that can still deliver mental health benefits in the modern world. ~ Mindful Breathing teaches us to become aware of thoughts that are coming in and out of our attention.

buddha statue

Pamper Platter

Share something a little different with the ones you adore. ~ Choose one of our Pamper Platters and enjoy the goodness of wholesome food made with love. ~ Delivered to the house, or set up at the beach for your ultimate sunset experience. 

Chinese Cupping

A traditional Chinese therapy recognised for its healing benefits to help ease tension and assist in recovery. ~ Chinese Cupping pulls stagnant blood out of problem areas so that oxygenated blood can make its way to the area to promote faster healing.


~ Spa and Pamper Options ~

Massage (60 min) $125

Chinese Cupping (60 min) $125

Massage/Cupping Combo (90 min) $165

Meditation Class (60 min) $125

Ice Bath Set Up $165

Pilates Class (60 min: private or group) $125

Private Health Consult (60 min) $125

Pamper Platter
Have the platter delivered to your accommodation, or set up at the beach for the ultimate sunset experience.
Platters start at $99 for 2 people.

Choose from:
~ Mixed platter
~ Vego
~ Antipasto
~ Sweet treats
~ Wine/bubbles 


When you book your stay with us we will help you schedule any spa and pamper options prior to your arrival so that you can make the most of your stay at Sanctuary by the Sea.

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